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Bluesounder is a Bluetooth ® BLE linked echo sounder created by Fulcrum Designs specifically for
Angling Technics baitboats. Baitboats ordinarily take baits and line to distant locations with the help of
remote echo sounders to find optimum locations. Existing echo sounders for baitboats rely on custom
designed displays to provide visual depiction of the bed of fishing waters. Bluesounder interprets the
existing radio transmissions from these baitboats and passes them to an Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad to display
a much more detailed image with choice of colour schemes. The display can be frozen, swiped back in
time so that the last few minutes of depth profile can be reviewed and the units, speed and zoom levels
can all be changed to suit the user and conditions. A radio transmission strength (from the baitboat)
indicator and Bluesounder battery condition meter are present to provide all the information you need to
survey your venue and find that perfect spot.