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What is Smartsounder?

Smartsounder is essentially a bite alarm sounder box with your iPhone used as the receiver. It consists of a small black box with four 2.5mm or 3.5mm audio jack sockets and removable fixing to attach the box to a Bankstick or rod-pod. Power is supplied by way of three ‘AA’ batteries and the system is turned on and off by plugging in a bite alarm using the supplied leads. Your iPhone or iPad provides the visual, audio and vibration indications using the free app. The user can choose the colour of the indications and the sound of any of the several top bite alarms, independent of whatever alarms are actually used. Once connected, the system will provide beep for beep indication, range warnings and a powerful and unique anti-theft system of both the Smartsounder and the attached alarms. The Smartsounder can provide a backup to an existing radio linked alarm or to add wireless function to alarms that do not have radio capability. Smartsounder uses the latest incredibly efficient BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy) system also known as Bluetooth® 4.0 which uses a fraction of the power that previous versions of Bluetooth® did.



Doesn't Bluetooth drain my phone battery really quickly?

No, not this latest new version 4 or BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) It is far better in terms of battery life and efficiency than the previous, older Bluetooth system. We ran a fully charged iPhone 5S connected to Smartsounder for 24 hrs and it dropped to 88% full. We charged it back up, turned off Bluetooth and measured it again after 24 hrs - the same 88% - enough said!

How often do I need to change Smartsounder's batteries?

Standard off the shelf alkaline Batteries will last up to two weeks of continuous 24/7 use, so enough for most sessions. You can also use rechargeable batteries if you wish. A set of Duracell Procell lasted 318 hours of constant and uninterrupted use

How does Smartsounder provide a powerful anti-theft feature?

Smartsounder can detect when an alarm cable is both connected to and disconnected from itself. It will also monitor the connection between itself and your phone. If Smartsounder becomes out of range or an alarm cable is disconnected or in some cases an alarm is turned off, your phone will inform you, although some alarms have limited anti-theft protection.
Will Smartsounder interfere with my phone calls, browsing and work when the app is in the background?

Smartsounder will always give indication either by banner, flash, vibration, sound or any combination thereof depending on how you set your preferences, but you can carry on with your normal usage without worrying.

Does Smartsounder work with any alarm?

It works with virtually any alarm which has an output socket. We have tested many types including the most popular alarms and have yet to find one which it won't work with.

What is the range of the Smartsounder?

Currently 50m, which is more than the legal limit but enough to ensure reliability.